OCC Update on the Hook Norton Library

“Our wonderful Hook Norton library is staffed by one of our excellent library managers and services are delivered with the assistance of volunteers.

We have undertaken a very cautious and a phased approached to the re-opening of the library service.  We don’t have a date for reopening however I have followed up your query re the reading room.

As you may know OCC have had to obtain Listed building consent and planning permission for the proposed work on the Reading Room at Hook Norton.  Largely because of Covid-19 lockdown delays, in September both permissions come through,  passed for the required work. Facilities Management are now proceeding to obtain quotes.  

When the work proceeds only the Reading Room will be affected and possibly the car-park at the front of the library, otherwise the Library will be functioned in the normal way. Prior to any commencement of work our OCC Building Surveyor will convene a pre-start meeting with all concerned stakeholders. No date has been set for this work, however we will advise you when we know.

While the rotten floor boards in the Reading Room were replaced, these do require a further check before letting anyone in the room.  We have arranged that these will be checked when we are allowed back in the building .”

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