With the ancient and historical St. Peters church yard cemetery not being available for interments, we now use the new village main upper burial ground which is situated in an elevated position off the northern end of Tite Lane near the junction with Chapel Street. The lower older burial ground can be accessed further south down Tite Lane at the junction with Down End.  Both grounds are in a very peaceful area near the village centre.

This tranquil haven has benches dotted around for quiet reflection with lovely views across open countryside to the south.  There are some facilities for tending and the upkeep of loved one’s graves and the grounds are loving cared for with the fantastic support of the Friends of the Hook Norton cemetery group and overseen by the Cemetery working group on the Parish Council which is made up of:

Diana Porter diana.porter@hnpc.org.uk

Bob Mills (Co-opted) bob.mills@hnpc.org.uk

Owen Wise (Co-opted) owen.wise@hnpc.org.uk

Please note there is no dedicated parking at either of the burial grounds and moreover wheelchair access and access for those with limited mobility, can be very difficult due to there being little hard paving, some stone steps between the upper and lower burial grounds and a significant slope within both grounds.

Current cemetery fees and charges can be found on this pdf document link: Cemetery Fees For further information or to progress things please contact Rosemary Watts. Clerk to the Parish Council or a member of the Parish Council cemetery working group above.

Email: rosemary.watts@hnpc.org.uk
Write: Foxglove Cottage, Kings Road, Bloxham, Banbury, Oxon. OX15 4QE

Telephone: 07498 137088 – office hours only