This Trust was originally formed in 1774 to provide winter fuel for the poor and needy in the parish, although these days a more imaginative approach has to be adopted to ensure that the income is used effectively.
Donations are given to local organisations on the basis that the funds are used to help those they deem to be in need.
The income derives from the rent of two fields within the Parish and amounts to around £2,900 p.a. The trustees are appointed by the Parish Council and serve for a term of four years.
The trustees are Derek Brotherston (Chair), Kevin Hope (Clerk) and Donald Ratcliffe.
The trust is registered with the Charity Commission, number 20239-1
It continues to operate within the guidelines of the Duke of Suffolk’s charity (ceased in 2017) which states the charitable object as “Benefit of deserving and necessitous persons being resident in the parish of Hook Norton”
A diagram of the location of the land can be downloaded here

The HEATH Allotment Trust Income and Expenditure for year 2020/2021