Janeen Wilson,  janeen.wilson@hnpc.org.uk, Chair

Allison Hicks,  allison.hicks@hnpc.org.uk, Vice Chair, 

Rosemary Watts,  rosemary.watts@hnpc.org.uk, Parish Clerk

Nathan Matthewsnathan.matthews@hnpc.org.uk

Derek Brotherston,  derek.brotherston@hnpc.org.uk

Diana Porter,  diana.porter@hnpc.org.uk, 

Danny Duggandanny.duggan@hnpc.org.uk, Planning Co-ordinator

Richard Noviss, richard.noviss@hnpc.org.uk

David Shepherd,  david.shepherd@hnpc.org.uk

Caroline Gregory,  caroline.gregory@hnpc.org.uk

Bob Mills,  bob.mills@hnpc.org.uk

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