Present:      Councillors: Watkins, Hicks, Brotherston, Wilson, Duggan, Matthews, Henderson, Lewis, Muller, Shepherd, County Cllr Reynolds (left 7.50pm), District Cllr Brown (arrived 7.40pm, left 8.45pm), Mrs Watts (Parish Clerk) and six members of the public


18/133 Apologies for Absence – Cllr Porter


18/134 Declarations of Interest: Cllr Lewis declared an interest in planning application 17/02292/F which has gone to Appeal – APP/C3105/W/18/3197197. Cllr Brotherston declared an interest in the Hooky Players’ proposals for the stage area in the Memorial Hall.




Chairman’s Announcements: Cllr Watkins explained the protocol for replying to emails sent to the Parish Council (PC) email address. The Parish Clerk will normally reply to all queries and will not necessarily include all Councillors in those replies. The Chairman might be required to reply to some emails and these will be copied to the Parish Clerk and if necessary, copied to the lead Councillor of the appropriate working group. Wendy Gordon is not on the PC email address. She should be contacted directly for any ‘housekeeping’ issues.







Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 13 September 2018

Cllr Hicks proposed that the Minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 13 September 2018 be resolved as a true and accurate record of the meeting. This was seconded by Cllr Wilson and passed unanimously.


18/137 Hooky Players: Hooky Players want to use the hall more often and to enable them to do this they had suggestions for adapting the stage area. A group member had made a small working model of what the new layout would look like.   It will involve erecting sides to the existing stage, supported suitably so that they are stable but leaving them permanently in position. This will create a ‘ready to go’ stage. Other hirers have been consulted and the one query has been answered satisfactorily. The area under the stage needs tidying – they will liaise with Guides and Brownies who also use the area for storage. Cllr Watkins proposed that Hooky Players be given permission to make the changes as discussed. This was seconded by Cllr Hicks and passed unanimously.







Report of the Planning Co-ordinator on Planning Applications – (Annex 1)

Three planning/TCA applications had been received since the last meeting. There were no objections.

Cherwell District Council (CDC) had granted three applications.


18/139 To Invite Members of the Public to Comment on Planning Applications: there were no matters arising.


18/140 Reports of Working Groups
18/140/1 Recreation

·       The temporary ‘goal posts’ in the play area are to be removed for safety reasons.   The posts were well used during the summer and last month the PC agreed to obtain quotations for a permanent goal post. Cllr Wilson had obtained quotations of between £100 and £5K + VAT and installation, the former being quite flimsy and the latter being more suitable for a sports club. She will continue to look for a more realistic quotation.

·       Signage will be put in the play area asking that dogs be kept on leads at all times.

·       The Sports and Social Club meet next week to discuss the lease/part-purchase of some of the land.


18/140/2 Cemetery and Allotments

·       A new bench will be installed in the upper cemetery and the damaged one removed.

·       The entrance gates in the lower cemetery have been damaged. Cllr Muller has carried out a temporary repair but a contractor is needed to complete the work. Cllr Matthews will obtain a quotation from a local blacksmith.


  ·       Reports are still being received of dogs being off leads in the cemetery, despite new signage.

·       It is now a statutory requirement under Environment Agency Regulations that landlords take appropriate proactive measures to protect groundwater from potential pollution sources for all burial grounds.

·       The PC carried out an inspection of allotment plots on 26 September.   The overall tidiness and cultivation of plots has improved since the first inspection in the spring.

·       A survey of sheds and fences on the plots has been carried out to update PC records.

·       A date for the spring inspection of allotment plots in April/May 2019 has to be finalised.

·       HNAA annual meeting on 19 September was well attended and addressed by Cllrs Muller and Hicks.


18/140/3 Environment

·       Some residents of the Bourne Lane estate have been shouting at children for using footpaths through the development.     Taylor Wimpey has confirmed the following details: “The main road through the estate is Goldings Rd and this connects with Bourne Lane at each end, with a further link to Cascade Rd which leads to the corner by the Tennis Club.   These roads are to be adopted as public highway and are available for anyone to use, at any time. The little cul-de-sacs off these roads are in private ownership and are generally not available for public use. The exception to this is the area behind the Bourne Lane hedgerow where there is a path connecting the two cul-de-sacs to provide a pedestrian route. In addition to this, all the areas designated as open space are available for anyone to use and this includes the strip behind the Bourne Lane hedgerow and the grass strip running along the rear boundary, along with the field and the play area”. The Parish Clerk will ask Taylor Wimpey for a schematic plan of the estate.

·       Grass Cutting Contract 2019: an advertisement for this contract will go out in the next few weeks once a definitive plan of areas to be cut has been finalised.

·       Cllrs Henderson and Shepherd will attend an open event at OCC Highway’s Deddington Depot on 13 October. This operational centre is at the heart of highway repairs.

·       The Brewery Lane road sign by the Pear Tree Inn is missing. The Parish Clerk has reported the matter to CDC and asked them to replace it.

·       The bus shelter near The Sun Inn is in disrepair. The Parish Clerk will ask Dave Smith for a quotation for repairs, though it is feared that it might need to be replaced.


18/140/4 Hook Norton War Memorial Hall

·     The end of WW1 will be observed Fby a village event in the War Memorial Hall on 10 November from 12 noon to 4pm. A number of village groups have offered to mark the occasion. Campanologists at St Peter’s Church will ring a quarter peal from 11.00am to 12 noon. Cllr Lewis had approached shops in Hook Norton and Chipping Norton asking for donations of food for the day and he had received positive replies. Chris Alcock from HN Brass Band has kindly agreed to play The Last Post after the tree planting ceremony. All proceeds from the day will be sent to the Royal British Legion.

·     ‘Tommy’, purchased from the Royal British Legion, will be put in the hall garden soon.

·     Cllr Brotherston had looked at the cost of installing Wi-Fi in the hall. There is no telephone line to the hall and the cost of installing one by BT is estimated as being between £500 and £3-4K, depending on the complexity of the work. An alternative is to use Broadband 4G. This will cost £200 to install, with a £60pm rental. Cllr Watkins proposed that the latter be trialled.   This was seconded by Cllr Duggan.   Seven Councillors voted in favour and one Councillor voted against the proposal.

·     An area of wall in the hall damaged by ingress of water last winter has been painted.

·     Hook Norton Community First Responders (HNCFR) comprises five volunteers. Their role is to support the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS). Volunteers undertake training to be able to help residents when they are in need of assistance regarding their health. As part of the scheme, SCAS has trained a number of people to train the public and raise awareness regarding Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of public defibrillators (Hook Norton has five devices). HNCFR are organising a number of events around the village in October, November and December to offer residents the opportunity to learn more about this life-saving skill. Cllr Watkins proposed that their request to use the Memorial Hall free of charge for some of these sessions be approved. This was seconded by Cllr Wilson and approved unanimously.









Finance/Schedule of Receipts and Payments for Authorisation by the Council:

The Parish Clerk presented the schedules of receipts and payments for October totalling £6,232.57 for the Parish Council and £912.74 for the Memorial Hall (Annex 2/3). Cllr Hicks moved acceptance of the payments detailed. This was seconded by Cllr Brotherston and agreed unanimously.


18/142 Conclusion of the External Audit of Parish Council Accounts 2017-2018: the Parish Clerk confirmed that Moore Stephens completed the external audit of Parish Council accounts for 2017-2018 on 18 September 2018, with no matters arising.


18/143 Charity Commission: the Parish Clerk confirmed that she had submitted the required details of the War Memorial Hall accounts 2017-2018 to the Charity Commission.













Report on District Council Matters: District Cllr Hugo Brown reported:

The Executive supports the publication of a Council Sports & Leisure Strategy Plan

The Executive supports the scoping document for the Joint Statutory Spatial Plan (JSSP).   This is part of the Oxfordshire Housing & Growth Deal and looks at land use throughout Oxfordshire. There is also a JSSP Draft Statement of Community Involvement and the Executive approved a 6-week period of formal consultation.

The Executive studied the results of the Residents’ Satisfaction Survey 2018 and noted the need for particular emphasis on (i) anti-social behaviour, (ii) household waste collection, (iii) household re-cycling and (iv) food/garden waste. These will specifically form part of the Business & Service Planning process for 2019-2020.

District Cllr Brown has applied to be re-selected by the Conservative Association. This will allow him to stand for election in May 2019.











Report on County Council Matters: County Cllr George Reynolds reported:

The Cabinet have agreed to borrow £120 million to spend on highways and £40 million on schools and other capital projects.

You may have seen the “Fit for Future” reports. The idea behind this is twofold, to save money and enable the back office to react more quickly and efficiently to residents questions principally, but cutting out duplication.

The Joint Statutory Spatial Plan (JSSP) is beginning to be put together by the OCC and the other Districts. Its name not so long ago was the County Structure Plan.   Simply it will put together actions for the whole County to form a structural framework so that the Districts with their Local Plans can follow.


18/146 Asset of Community Value: CDC has notified the Parish Council that although the Village Shop is on the Assets of Community Value Register, its five-year inclusion on that Register is coming to an end. Cllr Duggan proposed that the Parish Clerk submit a further application so that the shop and post office remains on the Register for the next five years. This was seconded by Cllr Muller and agreed unanimously.






The Parish Clerk had forwarded all correspondence to Councillors during the month and there were no matters outstanding.




To Invite Questions and Comments from Members of the Public: there were none.




AOB: there was none.
18/150 Confidential Item.


The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on 8 November 2018 at 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall.


There being no further business Councillor Watkins thanked everyone for attending and closed the public meeting at 8.48pm.



Signed ……………………………………..

Hook Norton Parish Council

Dated 8 November 2018