Present:      Councillors: Watkins, Hicks, Brotherston, Matthews, Wilson, Porter, Duggan, Muller, Shepherd and Mrs Watts (Parish Clerk).  There were no members of the public in attendance.

20/001 Apologies for Absence – Cllr Noviss, County Cllr Reynolds and District Cllr Brown  
20/002 Declarations of Interest: Cllr Shepherd declared an interest in requests from the HN Village Museum and Victoria County History of Oxfordshire Group for grants.  
20/003 20/003/1     Chairman’s Announcements: Cllr Watkins announced that although she will stay on the Parish Council in May, she will not stand again as Chairman.  She asked Councillors to consider who might take over this role.  
20/004 20/004/1     Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 12 December 2019 Cllr Watkins proposed that the Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 12 December 2019 be resolved as a true and accurate record of the meeting.  This was seconded by Cllr Hicks and passed unanimously.  
20/005 20/005/1   20/005/2 20/005/3     Report of the Planning Co-ordinator on Planning Applications – (Annex 1) Two planning/TCA applications had been received since the last meeting.  There were no objections. Cherwell District Council had granted four applications. APP/C3105/W/19/323490 – Brockford Farm, Tadmarton Heath Rd. An Appeal has been submitted by the applicant to the Secretary of State.  
20/006 To Invite Members of the Public to Comment on Planning Applications: there were no matters arising.  
20/007 Reports of Working Groups
20/007/1 Recreation The new inclusive orbit and a shelter are being installed by Playdale.Cllr Wilson is obtaining quotations for replacement bark.  
20/007/2 Cemetery and Allotments A lime tree stump in the cemetery has been removed.The fence in the cemetery damaged by a falling lime tree is not covered by insurance.  
20/007/3 Environment Fruit trees for the play area have been ordered.Cllr Muller will get a price for a mature ornamental cherry tree for the play area.A tree survey of PC owned trees is being undertaken by Sacha Barnes.  Jeremy Sacha’s report will be ready mid-February.  
20/007/4 Hook Norton War Memorial Hall Cllr Brotherston has been asked to arrange for an outside down-lighter to be put over the War Memorial engraved stone at the front of the building.Cllr Watkins is setting up a group of like-minded who want to see the War Memorial Hall and gardens thrive and survive (i.e. Friends of Hook Norton War Memorial Hall – FOHNWMH).  Anyone interested in joining this group should contact Cllr Watkins via amanda.watkins@hnpc.org.ukThere will be a meeting of Friends of the HN War Memorial Hall (FOHNWMH) on 29 April 2020 at 7.00pm A User Group meeting will be held in the hall on 8 April 2020 at 7.00pm.A number of red and white rose trees for the hall garden are on order.  
20/007/5 Environmental Action Group Cllr Muller asked for ideas on ways to engage the youth of the village, especially in environmental issues.  Cllr Watkins suggested the PC look at employing a youth worker as one possible option.  
20/008 20/008/1       2/008/2 Finance/Schedule of Receipts and Payments for Authorisation by the Council: The Parish Clerk presented the schedules of receipts and payments for January totalling £3,976.25 for the Parish Council and £157.80 for the Memorial Hall (Annex 2/3).  Cllr Muller moved acceptance of the payments detailed.  This was seconded by Cllr Shepherd and agreed unanimously. The Parish Clerk had sent Councillors spend against budget figures before the meeting (Annex 4).  
20/009 VCH Grant Application:  Cllr Watkins had received a letter from Victoria County History of Oxfordshire requesting a £10k grant towards publishing a full history for every town, parish and village in the county.  Cllrs agreed that further information about the project was needed before any commitment could be considered.  
20/010 Ratify Hook Norton Village Museum Grant Application: Just before last month’s meeting Cllr Watkins had received a request from the Village Museum asking for a grant of £350 to allow the Curator purchase OS maps of the village from 1881 – 1990. These would be held in the village archive as a resource for the local community and would complement the 1922 OS maps already held.  Councillors agreed in principle to approve the grant subject to it being ratified at the January meeting. Cllr Watkins therefore proposed that the grant be approved subject to ‘Funded by Hook Norton Parish Council’ being annotated on the maps. This was seconded by Cllr Duggan and agreed unanimously. Cllr Shepherd, having declared an interest, did not vote.  
20/011   Planters for the Entrances to the Village:  Cllr Noviss had not submitted a report.
20/012 Request for Bus Shelter – Ironstone Hollow:  This proposal was made following the initial suggestion by Cllr Shepherd who had been approached by several members of the public.  Following a discussion, Cllr Watkins proposed that the Parish Council will pay for a bus shelter to be installed between Ironstone Hollow and Hollybush Rd.  This would be in remembrance of VE Day 75th anniversary but subject to approval by OCC Highways Department.  This was seconded by Cllr Duggan and agreed unanimously.  The Parish Clerk will contact OCC.  
20/013 VE Day 75th Anniversary – May 2020:  The Parish Council will mark this anniversary in the Memorial Hall on 8 and 9 May.  Cllr Wilson (representing the Parish Council), and representatives from the Sports and Social Club and the three village public houses will meet with James Clarke from Hook Norton Brewery on 20 January to discuss ideas and proposed events.  
20/014   20/014/1                             Report on District Council Matters: District Cllr Hugo Brown had reported as follows: Full Meeting 16 December 2019 Ox-Cam Expressway – the Labour Party moved a motion that “Council therefore resolves to oppose the Expressway as it is currently proposed, to continue to press national government for more investment in sustainable transport and to ask the Department for Transport to urgently clarify its proposals around the Expressway”.  This Motion followed on from the two proposed at Council on 21st Oct – (i) the Leader proposing an “open mind” position which was carried, and (ii) the Lib Dems proposing immediate condemnation of the Expressway, which in the event could not be moved as the Leader’s Motion had already been carried.  Usually a Motion to rescind the result of a previously carried Motion cannot be moved within 6 months unless 8 signatures are obtained on the new Motion; 8 signatures were obtained hence this new Labour Motion coming to Council.  The Motion was defeated and the “open mind” position prevailed.  I was happy to defeat the Labour Motion (and support the “open mind” position) for the time being but have made it clear to the Leader that when more details regarding routing, mitigation measures etc. are forthcoming, I am more than likely to vote against the Expressway.  
20/014/2 20/014/2/1             20/014/2/2 Upcoming Executive Meeting 6 January Climate Emergency Update Report – a team of officers is being established to consider CDC’s internal carbon emissions, as well as a separate team to focus on the emissions throughout the District; a communication and engagement plan are also being developed with the help of the communications team; as part of a communications plan, CDC will set up a mechanism to allow staff and residents to submit ideas to help populate the action plans; a workshop for Members to hear and discuss the climate emergency in more detail, and to start to gather ideas of how CDC can respond is scheduled for January. Resumption of Land Drainage and Flood Risk Management Services – Executive decided in 2010 that CDC would discontinue engagement with land drainage and flood risk management as from 1 April 2011. It is now recognised that this has rendered the District increasingly vulnerable to flooding and has exposed the Council to a high reputational risk through not being able to respond effectively to flooding events. The decision to discontinue this service was taken when the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 created Oxfordshire County Council as the “Lead Local Flood Authority” (LLFA) for the whole of the County. There was an expectation at that time that the LLFA would take on all the services and role being discontinued by Cherwell. However, the LLFA has in practice only assumed a strategic role, leaving the day to day management of watercourses and other elements of the service unattended. Importantly also, this has left a gap in local community leadership which CDC used to fill.  Executive is now recommended to re-engage with land drainage and flood risk management and a revenue budget of £50,000 pa is proposed for 2020/21 and subsequent years.    
20/015   Report on County Council Matters:  County Cllr George Reynolds had not submitted a report.    
20/016 20/016/1   20/016/2   Correspondence: The Parish Clerk had forwarded all correspondence to Councillors during the month and there were no matters outstanding. The Parish Clerk had received an application from a resident for the vacant Parish Councillor post.  She will pass details to Councillors in the next day or so to allow them time to consider the application before the February meeting.    
20/017   To Invite Questions and Comments from Members of the Public:  there were no matters arising.  
20/018 20/018/1 20/018/2 AOB: Cllr Brotherston said that Heath Allotment Trust is looking for a trustee. Cllr Watkins reported that an electric fence has been put across the public footpath, just beyond the gate from the field alongside Hook Norton Brewery and heading towards Fant Hill Farm.  She has reported the matter to OCC.  

The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Thursday, 13 February 2020 at 7.30pm in the War Memorial Hall.

There being no further business Councillor Watkins thanked everyone for attending and closed the public meeting at 8.21pm.

Signed ……………………………………..

Hook Norton Parish Council

Dated 13 February 2020