A message from the Parish Council
Some of you may have noticed that out grass cutting contractors, Thomas Fox, are now back in the village. The delayed start was due to the current coronavirus situation as our contractors had to devise a new logistical approach to carrying out their services, ensuring the safety of their operatives and the Hook Norton public.
Whereas they used to generally work in pairs or teams, they now work singly. As you can imagine, this means that they may not be able to carry out their work as often as they did last year. This may result in some areas being slightly more overgrown from time to time. However, they will endeavour to keep to our agreed schedule as much as possible, and areas such as highway verges which might hinder vision will remain a priority.
As always, if there is an area which you feel has slipped through the net and should be considered by the Parish Council – please let us know. We will always look into this, but it may not necessarily fall under the jurisdiction of the Parish.
We thank you for your understanding, as always.
Stay safe, where possible look out for your neighbours, and if there is anything you think the Parish Council could be doing to help, please let us know : parishcouncil@hnpc.org.uk
Amanda Watkins
Chair  HNPC