Hook Norton Parish Council Guidelines for use of the Hook Norton Playground
The Shearings, OX15 5PT

Effective July 4th 2020 until further notice

The UK government has announced that outdoor playgrounds in England may be opened from the 4th July 2020 subject to following Covid 19 prevention guidelines.

Hook Norton Parish Council wants the children of the village to be able to enjoy using the playground again from the 4th July, but due to the nature of the site, is not able to provide permanent supervision of the facility, to provide hand sanitizer or other hygiene facilities at the site, or to provide regular sanitization of the equipment. Use of the playground is therefore strictly on the understanding that the responsibility for following Covid 19 social distancing and hygiene guidelines, and the guidelines below, remains fully with the parents or adults in charge of children using the playground.

Guidelines for Use of the Play Equipment

Children of any age using the play equipment must be supervised by a Responsible Adult at all times.

Use of the play equipment is at the risk of the Responsible Adult, who should have read the paragraph above and be clear about the risk of virus transmission when using the equipment.

The UK Government’s current ‘Social Distancing’ Guidelines must be followed in all parts of the Playground at all times.

Children should sanitise their hands before and after using play equipment, and should be encouraged not to touch their faces while using the equipment.

The Responsible Adult is responsible for cleaning the equipment before and after use if they deem it necessary.

No food or drink should be consumed in the playground. Members of only one household at a time may use any one piece of play equipment.

Children who are showing symptoms of Covid 19, or who are part of a household where any member is showing symptoms or has tested positive for Covid 19 within the last 14 days, are not permitted to use the play equipment.